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Yalikavak Area Guide

Yalikavak, on the western coast of Turkey, is the most popular area of the Bodrum Peninsula. Scenic landscapes cascade down the hills towards the Aegean Sea, and light, gentle breezes offer relief from sweltering summer days. At the same time, the ambience and vibes welcome everyone, young and old.

Historically, Yalikavak went from a small fishing village to a popular tourist destination to an idyllic expat retreat. Still, the ultramodern marina for international mega yachts earned the town worldwide respect. The marina is the place to shop, dine and be seen all year round. The completion dramatically boosted real estate to prestigious status. But what else is there to this delightful town that attracts Turkish and international property buyers?

                  Welcome to Yalikavak in Bodrum – Turkey


Where It All Started - History of Yalikavak

Although there are traces back to the bronze age, the significant beginning was when the region was incorporated into the Achaemenid Empire during the Persian Empire's rule. Later, it came under the control of the ancient Greeks and belonged to the Kingdom of Caria. Myndos, near present-day Yalikavak, was an essential Carian city during this period. In 334 BCE, Alexander the Great conquered and incorporated the area into his empire.

Following the Roman Empire's decline, the region became part of the Byzantine Empire. In the 15th century, the Ottoman Empire gained control. After the establishment of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, Yalikavak transformed from a small fishing village that made money from sponge diving into a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from around the world. Today, Yalikavak is known for its beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, and vibrant marina. The town successfully blended history with modern amenities, making it fascinating for history enthusiasts and vacationers.

Getting to Yalikavak in Bodrum

The nearest airport is just a 60-minute drive away, and during summer, many international airlines run regular flight routes. During winter, these dwindle down, but lovers of Yalikavak still use the domestic terminal to catch connecting flights via Istanbul or travel to Izmir or Dalaman Airport, which are 3 hours of transfer time. In Bodrum's main city centre, a large bus station connects Yalikavak with the rest of Turkey via cheap and frequent routes.

Yalikavak Marina and the Yachting Scene

By far, what really put Yalikavak on the map for both tourism and house sales, was when the international marina opened its doors. In the centre of Yalikavak town, just off the main harbour, this modern marina offers an array of amenities for locals and visitors alike. Boasting 500 berths and luxury services, the marina hosts prestigious yachts in Turkey. The marina is one of few in the Aegean with the capacity to host mega yachts. Hence why, many rich people often dock in on their private boats. For more luxury, there is also an exclusive beach club with facilities including a swimming pool, sun loungers and water sports. Visitors can even get massages or spa treatments at the marina's wellness centre for the ultimate relaxation.

Old Town Yalikavak and Turkish Village Architecture

Old Town Yalikavak is great for history and culture. This area is an old fishing village that has existed since the 16th century. There has been much development in recent years, but the town retains its traditional charm. The winding cobbled streets are lined with whitewashed houses, wooden shutters, and boutique shops where you can find unique souvenirs. The harbour area is still used by fishermen who sell their fresh fish catches to harbourside restaurants. They serve fish dishes with mezes and traditional raki. This is a great nighttime place to watch the sun fall over the horizon.

Nightlife and Eating Out

As a seaside location, alfresco dining during summer is trendy. The expensive marina restaurants serve delicious food cooked by famous chefs. At the same time, the old part of Yalikavak also has many harbour restaurants specialising in seafood, fish and Turkish mezes—much nightlife in Yalikavak resort town centres around sophisticated or family-friendly sit-down entertainment. Youngsters searching for more fast-moving nights should head to beach clubs surrounding Yalikavak or Bodrum town centre.

Budget and Luxury Shopping

Yalikavak beach resort town has advanced tremendously over the last few years, and buyers can tap into many ways to splash their cash. Thursday is the weekly market day when most locals stock up on organic fruit and vegetables for low prices. Stalls also sell clothes, souvenirs and household goods. Otherwise, Palmarina offers upmarket shopping choices with more than 40 boutique shops. Other than shopping around town, locals also head to the large shopping malls like Midtown in nearby Ortakent, just a 20-minute drive away.

Beautiful Beaches of this Ideal Destination

The crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea waters provide perfect backdrops for sunbathing and swimming. Enjoy the gorgeous beaches, from the private marina beach to more isolated coastline coves. Yalikavak Beach is a favourite hangout spot among locals and tourists alike. With soft sand, umbrellas and beds to rent, a wide range of beach facilities, and warm water, it's no wonder why! Or, if you want more secluded, plenty of hidden gems are within walking distance.


How Far is Yalikavak from Bodrum Town?

To visit Bodrum city from Yalikavak city centre, it's only about 15km away. The journey should take around half an hour by car, and regular buses run throughout the day. For those who want stunning views, ride by boat across.

Buying Property and Living in Yalikavak

Buying property in Yalikavak city centre, Bodrum has several advantages that make it an attractive option for many buyers. Here are some reasons why people choose to invest in property.

Beautiful Location: Yalikavak offers magnificent Aegean Sea views, pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and natural beauty. Charming whitewashed houses, quaint streets, and a vibrant marina characterise the area.

Luxury Lifestyle: Yalikavak city centre has become a luxury destination recently, attracting high-end tourists and investors. The town features upscale hotels, classy restaurants, trendy beach clubs, and boutique shops.

Yalikavak Marina: The town is home to the award-winning Yalikavak Marina, a prestigious marina with amazing views. Owning property allows you to enjoy easy access to the marina and amenities.

Investment Potential: The area's popularity increased property values and potentially lucrative investment opportunities. Whether you plan to use the property for vacations or rental property, demand for properties remains strong.

Proximity to Bodrum: Yalikavak is just a short distance from Bodrum, one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations. Bodrum offers vibrant nightlife scenes, historical sites like the ancient Bodrum Castle, and cultural events and festivals.

Accessibility: Yalikavak is easily accessible by air, with Bodrum-Milas Airport just 40 minutes away. The airport's regular flights to major domestic and international destinations make Yalikavak convenient for residents and visitors.

Our Property Portfolio for Yalikavak in Bodrum

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