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Gumbet Area Guide

Gumbet on the western coast of Turkey is one of the Aegean’s top tourism districts. Tapping into the popularity of the multi-cultural and carefree Bodrum peninsula, its long-standing reputation as a favoured spot for Brits has changed the ambience from a sleeping fishing village to a lively town.

Anyone buying property in Gumbet will find it has deviated from its traditional and rural Turkish background, but they get to have the best of both worlds by combining the bars and restaurants serving British cuisine with the region’s hot summers and mild winters.

Naturally, as a major tourist resort from May to October, Gumbet is buzzing with foreigners, indulging in the sweltering summer days and cool evenings. Outside of these months, the mild winters kick in, and Gumbet’s fast-paced lifestyle drops down a notch.

Things to Do in Gumbet

Gumbet has achieved mass popularity for many reasons. Firstly, the long stretch of sandy beach, as well as offering ample spaces for sunbathing and swimming includes a vast choice of water sports including jet skis, snorkelling, and scuba diving.

Aside from that, daily boat trips, Turkish baths and jeep safaris are a few examples of excursions sold by local travel agents. The town has a lively nightlife scene but is also family friendly, hence why many British families return every year for their holidays.

Shopping choices are plentiful in Gumbet, but the resort has the distinct advantage of being a short distance from Bodrum town centre that sells everything Gumbet does but on a much bigger scale.

Bodrum town is a significant hub of sailing and the Turkish Riviera, hence also offers an alternative atmosphere of luxurious indulgence for shopping, eating out and nightlife entertainment. The landmark castle and Underwater Archaeology Museum are the top visited attractions of the peninsula.

Thanks to the geographical layout of the peninsula, getting to other resorts such as neighbouring Bitez, with an entirely distinctive character, is quick by using local buses. Many holidaymakers and expats of the Bodrum peninsula also hire cars to explore because it enables them to get off the beaten track.

Getting There

Apartments and villas for sale in Gumbet are popular with foreigners because of its short transfer distance and time to Bodrum airport, just 45 minutes’ drive away. During summer, frequent flight schedules run from many countries including the UK, and during winter, the domestic terminal offers connecting flights to Istanbul.

Gumbet is also a short drive from the main otogar (bus station) of Bodrum town centre. Therefore, residents of the peninsula are easily connected to the rest of the country via a cheap and frequent bus service.

Property for Sale in Gumbet

Gumbet is a cheap and cheerful destination, but this is good news for property buyers because even beachfront locations have some of the best price per square meterage in Turkey.

Due to the small size of the resort, the Gumbet property portfolio does not have as much choice as other more prominent coastal resorts on the Bodrum peninsula, but options include homes that are ideal as buy to let investments, because of the mass popularity of Gumbet with holidaymakers.

These homes are also ideal for permanent living, and many are situated on apartment complexes, sharing communal facilities such as pools and onsite bars. Contact us if you would like to receive details of current properties for sale in Gumbet or for more information on the resort and the Bodrum peninsula of Turkey.



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