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Turkbuku Area Guide

Welcome to Golturkbuku in Bodrum, the Saint Tropez of Turkey. Also called Turkbuku because of the resort amalgamated with neighbouring Golkoy Bay, Turkbuku is one of the most prestigious locations on the Turkish Riviera and throughout Turkey. Favoured by influential people from Istanbul, Golturkbuku has also hosted Saudi royalty and wealthy Russian executives. When you look at property for sale in Turkbuku, you glimpse into upscale, luxury Turkish life. Turkbuku belongs to the Bodrum peninsula, a vast region known for hedonism, relaxation and idyllic pleasure. So, let’s look closer at what to expect.

                                   About Golturkbuku in Bodrum - Turkey


Daily Life in Golturkbuku

Idyllic summer lifestyles of Turkbuku mean the village slows down during mild winters from November to March. Still, in summer, wooden jetties protrude into the Aegean, where the action happens. What you can expect from Golturkbuku are restful vacations with top service. Luxurious sunbathing with waiter service from nearby restaurants is broken up private jet skis or delicious breakfast/lunches made by one of Turkey's top chefs.

Golturkbuku's main centre doesn't have beaches, but try nearby Golkoy Beach or numerous beach clubs dotted around the peninsula. Golkoy Bay is the one part of the resort that is more low-key. There are a few hotels here and a beautiful beach.  If you want more upscale and fun, head to the Turkbuku section of the resort.

At night, jetties become candlelit outdoor restaurants where friends indulge in good-hearted conversations over excellent Aegean cuisine, and couples sip quality wine while watching vibrant sunsets. Outdoor restaurant dining is also found on rooftop terraces. If you head to nearby Gumusluk, their seaside fish restaurants earn fame from all over the peninsula.

Luxury Accommodation in Abundance

For those who don't rent holiday villas or own private property, high-end resort-style hotels earn solid reputations, not only for their hefty prices but also for service and hospitality. Golturkbuku hotels are run by those with expert backgrounds in hospitality industries and know how to cater for the rich and famous in Turkey.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, with a private beach, and Kuum Beach Hotel are just two famous names in this holiday resort. They serve breakfast buffets with style and continue personal services throughout the day. Additionally, opt for chic boutique hotels and vacation rentals for privacy.

From Golturkbuku to Bodrum Town

Turkbuku does have shops, restaurants and bars. Still, for more choice and diversity, locals visit Bodrum Centre, a 30-minute drive away, where the nightlife is more hectic. Shopping choices include high-end boutiques or malls with international brand names. Bodrum city centre earns fame for the historical site Myndos Gate. This monumental city gate marked the ancient city wall. Also visit the iconic Bodrum Castle, which houses the Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

Bodrum castle's well-preserved walls, towers, and courtyards perfectly portray the beginnings of this famed destination, while fascinating exhibits in Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology showcase artefacts from underwater archaeological sites in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Then, wander the narrow, winding streets of Bodrum's Old Town, where you'll find charming shops, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. It's an excellent place for shopping and soaking up the local atmosphere. Boat tour excursions sold here often include stops at hidden coves, islands, and snorkelling spots, or you can stop by numerous beach clubs or the sandy beach in the town centre.

Spend time at the historical site of Bodrum Amphitheatre, which dates from the Hellenistic periods. It offers panoramic views of Bodrum city centre and is often used for cultural events and performances. Bodrum city centre differs slightly because the area accommodates budget and high-end travellers. However, for adventurous holidaymakers, it is just a 30-minute drive and perfect for family-friendly day trips.

From Turkbuku to Yalikavak

Turkbuku is also just a 20-minute drive from Yalikavak, which carries on upmarket traditions because of the leading mega-yacht marina. Yalikavak Marina has esteemed boutique shops and prestigious restaurants serving various international cuisines. Additionally, they sell custom tours and Turkish Riviera boat trips. While on seasonal tours, they visit the peninsula surrounding towns and Greek Islands. For dream vacations full of extravagance, Yalikavak and Golturkbuku go hand in hand because both cater for rich and luxurious lifestyles.

Modern Architecture of Turkbuku Real Estate

Inland apartments and villas for sale in Turkbuku boast dramatic sea views because of the elevated landscapes. At the same time, coastal properties take advantage of summer breezes. Often marketed as millionaire homes, they include minor quirks such as private jetties or poolside bars.

Beachfront villas and apartments have another characteristic. Because of Turkbuku's upmarket reputation, builders and construction firms employ Turkish and international architects to design unique living spaces seen nowhere else in Turkey. Indeed, Turkbuku's real estate market is sometimes quirky and, at times, eccentric.

Yet, the modern architecture and distinctive property portfolio include some surprisingly affordable homes on the outskirts of the village. Whether you choose to budget or indulge in the more elegant side of life, buying a property in Turkbuku is a journey into Turkey's elite real estate market. (See our portfolio of villas and apartments for sale.)

Getting There

Getting to Turkbuku via sea, air, or land is easy. Bodrum airport is just one hour's drive away, and the bus station in Bodrum city centre connects the region to the rest of Turkey via regular routes. Additionally, local tour agents sell private and group transfers. Foreign residents who invested in Turkbuku real estate hire cars because scenic landscapes and lack of traffic make getting around quick and straightforward, even for first-time visitors to Turkey.

About the Larger Mugla Province

Golturkbuku sits within the official Mugla province in Turkey. The Mugla Province, characterized by diverse geography, including beautiful beaches along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, is home to other real estate and tourism hotspots like Marmaris and Fethiye. Tourism is a significant industry in the Mugla province. The province offers accommodations, from luxury resorts to budget-friendly hotels and charming boutique lodgings. The area is well-connected by road, and airports in Bodrum and Dalaman make the region accessible to both domestic and international house buyers.

Find Out More

Finally, Golturkbuku in Bodrum offers property buyers an exclusive Turkish Riviera lifestyle. Yet, the location on the bustling Bodrum peninsula has flexibility, choice and many attractions, from fun-filled days to private beaches to panoramic views, so expect the best from Golturkbuku.

To know more about buying property here, call us today and drop by our office in the Ortakent district, on Yakaköy Çilek Caddesi. As well as introducing the various neighbourhoods and locations, we can show you the property in the Golturkbuku area and other parts of Bodrum. We are also on hand to answer your questions about buying Turkish property or Golturkbuku in Bodrum.


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