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BLOG 14 Fun Things to do in Altinkum and Didim – Turkey

23 October 2022 / Travel

Things to do in Altinkum and Didim

For things to do in Altinkum and Didim, expect fun-filled holidays full of laughs and enjoyment. Altinkum's golden beaches are why most travellers come over, shed their inhibitions and stresses of 9-5 lives, and chill out. Sitting on the Aegean coast of Turkey, Altinkum town attracts many people who want to relax and take advantage of carefree lifestyles. Still, an abundance of things to do and see in the area appeals to more active people. For the record, Altinkum is the area around the beachfront, and the name Didim is the old town centre and further inland. However, both areas form one big resort, and getting between them is quickly done. So, look at the activities and tourist attractions for your bucket list in Altinkum and Didim.

                                                Things to do in Altinkum and Didim

1:   Beaches Galore

The name Altinkum translates into golden sands. Hence the resort is aptly called that because within the central district; there are three main beaches. The names are somewhat boring; 1st, 2nd and 3rd, but all are delightful for summer days. The main beach at the bottom of Ataturk Boulevard is called 1st. The beach around Tuntas hotel is 2nd, and the beach near the marina is 3rd. For pick-up service to 3rd beach, call Penguin bar, who will pick you up and drop you off as long as you eat and drink in their restaurant.

2: Scuba Diving and Water Sports

Break up lazy beach days in Altinkum with thrills and excitement. The choice is overwhelming, whether lazy paddleboats, vigorous workouts on jet skis, paragliding, or the water-spurting jet board. Adventurous people should go underwater to enter a new world of sea life and plants hidden from sight. Scuba diving companies with PADI-trained instructors sell numerous excursions for beginners to more experienced divers who want to complete their own PADI certificate. There are dedicated water sports centres on all the main beaches of Altinkum.

Adaland Waterpark Didim

3: Aqua Parks Near Altinkum

For more water splashing fun, visit two main waterparks in the nearby resort of Kusadasi. They are Aqua fantasy and Adaland. Most tour shops in Altinkum sell tickets, including transport costs and entrance fees. Once inside the waterpark, just pay for food and drinks. Many families visit nearby Kusadasi for the Aqua parks because both are the best in Turkey. Expect hair-raising rides and time-honoured favourites like the lazy river.

4: Boat Trips from Altinkum Harbour

Otherwise, highlights of holidays in Altinkum are lazy day's boat trips messing about on the vast Aegean Sea. Small and large boats close to Altinkum Harbour sell various tours, including five-bay excursions. Most offer food and alcohol onboard and operate between 8 am and 5 pm. In addition, some boats sell sunset trips during July and August. Each boat has a theme so check them out before booking. For example, for quiet relaxing, family days at sea, we book tickets on Siesta boat. Otherwise, for party fun with our friends, we reserve Paradise boat.

5: Turkish Shaves and Hammams

Men who want to look their best for nights out in Altinkum should visit the barbers beforehand for a close Turkish shave that will leave them hairless, smooth and looking like they stepped out of an aftershave commercial. Otherwise, those looking to indulge themselves will enjoy an afternoon in a Turkish hammam with a foam down and massage. The Turkish bath is best done at the beginning of your holiday. The reason is that the scrub removes dead skin ready for golden sun kissed tans. Be sure to wear suncream afterwards, though.

Turkish Bath

6: Nightlife in Altinkum

Dolphin Square is the nightlife capital of Altinkum with its sit-down bars, and further, along the strip, nightclubs stay open until 5 am. Families enjoy the second beach for sit-down family bars playing friendly games such as open the box, karaoke, and quizzes. During the height of summer, Turkish families flock to luna park at night time for rides and fairground games. Otherwise, concerts or night markets occur throughout summer, along the waterfront or the Republic Square on Ataturk Boulevard.

7: Apollo Temple in Didim

The highlight of Didim is the Temple of Apollo, an iconic ruin at the top of the main street, Ataturk Boulevard. Experience history and discover why the temple is one of the ancient world's most important sites. Many historians say that had the construction of the Apollo temple continued, then the site would have rivalled the Delphi. Otherwise, when you stroll around, imagine the ancient pagan rituals there. Afterwards, we love sitting in surrounding restaurants to watch the sunset while enjoying cold beers.

Apollo Temple Didim

8: Miletus and Priene Ancient Ruins

Suppose that still doesn't satisfy your appetite for all things historical; nearby, the ancient cities of Miletus and Priene boast of ruined theatres. In that case, agoras and temples have a twisted timeline to be worthy of gracing any good travel guide. Most tour agencies sell tickets, and both are within an hour's drive away. Priene is noted for the Temple of Apollo and the old houses where Alexander the Great once stayed. At the same time, Miletus earns fame and admiration because of the largely intact theatre.

9: Mavisehir Night Market or the Saturday Local Market

During summer, catch the bus or taxi to Mavisehir on the outskirts of Didim. The covered market sells everything and anything from clothes to fruit and vegetables to souvenirs. After strolling around, walk the short distance to the beachfront and choose a restaurant for a great front-row seat to an Aegean sunset. Such is the location of Mavisehir, sunsets in this area are spectacular. If markets and shopping are your passion, visit the local Saturday market near the central bus station.

10: Bafa Lake Breakfast and Ruins

Local Turks and ex-pats in Altinkum love Bafa lake for traditional, organic Turkish breakfasts. Most visit Ceri restaurant with excellent seating right beside the lakes, although there are a few other choices. But, be warned because the area gets busy during Turkish school holidays and weekends as people come here from Kusadasi and Bodrum. Afterwards, head further into the hills to explore the nearby ruins. Or head further as if going to Bodrum, and stop by Euromos ruins and Incirli cave.

11: Jeep or Quad Bike Safari and Horse riding

Jump on board jeep safaris sold by local tour agents for thrilling days out. Most will go to places further afield, like Bozbuk or Yesilkent, which has a fantastic beach for kids. They also go into hills backing Akbuk, the neighbouring resort to Altinkum. The other alternative is to sign up for the quad bike safaris and follow tour guides on set routes. Meanwhile, in Yesiltepe, Sweet Horses ranch sells tickets to explore the countryside on horseback. Enjoy sumptuous Turkish breakfasts beforehand and their swimming pool after.

Ephesus Turkey

12: Daytrip to Ephesus and the Virgin Marys house

Nearby Kusadasi is home to Ephesus ancient ruins, one of Turkey's top attractions hosting roughly 15 million visitors annually. People dock in via cruise ship and come from around Turkey to see the ancient city. The ancient city nearly rivalled Rome in terms of importance but started to decline because the seabed began edging away. Hence the sea trading port's importance lessened. Ephesus is mentioned in the Bible, and Saint John and the Virgin Mary spent time here. After, visit the stone Virgin Mary's house in Selcuk hills, where she spent her last days before ascending.

13: Day Trip to Pamukkale in Denizli Turkey

Likewise, the white calcium pools of Pamukkale are a top attraction in Turkey. Sitting roughly 3 hours inland, they are worth making the journey for. The name Pamukkale translates into the cotton castle, which is an apt reflection of the appearance down the hillside. Sites to see at Pamukkale include the calcium pools, Cleopatra's pool, the museum and the Hierapolis ancient city ruins.

Pamukkale Turkey

14: Luxury at Didim Marina

Sitting near the third beach area, the marina put Altinkum on the international map. Of course, Altinkum property prices rose as soon as the marina opened because of yachting prominence. For most locals and ex-pats, though, spending the afternoon there is enough. Browse through the shops, or spend time in the gym or around the yacht club pool. Then finish your time in the restaurants with fine food and fantastic sights.

Also, About Altinkum and Didim

Holiday Homes in Altinkum and Didim: Many foreigners own holiday homes in Altinkum and Didim, while some have moved out here permanently. This is our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale. Each listing contains everything to know, including price, location, home features and contact details to find out more via email or arrange viewings while in Altinkum.

Is Didim a Nice Place to Live? Hundreds of foreign residents reside here all year round and have no regrets about moving. Didim and Altinkum have become more cosmopolitan over the last five years. The latest trends and brand-name coffee shops, combined with old traditions, form welcoming places proud to take care of its foreign residents. Let's look at why we love living here, alongside the many things to do in Altinkum and Didim.

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