4 Popular Places to Eat in Antalya City Centre

4 Popular Places to Eat in Antalya City Centre
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Written on: 24 June 2017

If you’re visiting Antalya for a holiday, congratulations because you’ve chosen one of the best places in Turkey for enjoyment and relaxation. As well as copious amounts of sun, sea and sand, holidaymakers will be glad to know that hundreds of places to eat in Antalya will present you with a diverse menu of Turkish and international cuisine. Whether you are a hard-core vegetarian, fish lover or prefer to indulge in juicy steaks, trained and professional chefs will serve you a meal, fit for a king.

Certain restaurants in Antalya and their chefs are innovators of the industry. Always looking to push the boundaries, you can’t help but admire their dedication to combining ingredients for a hearty meal full of flavour. However, it is not just the food that completes the experience. It is where you eat as well. In Antalya city centre and many of the coastal resorts, al fresco dining seaside is the favourite evening activity, but one establishment has taken it a step further.

The modern shopping mall of Antalya Migros AVM sells tickets for “Dinner in the Sky” where participants sitting at a dining table are hosted 60 metres in the air, before tucking into a three-course meal. A crane suspends the diners and table in mid-air leading them to experience a spike in adrenaline and blood levels, therefore altering the average eating experience.

If doing something outrageous like this, sounds just like your idea of fun, tickets are sold throughout the summer. However, if you prefer to keep your feet on the ground while indulging in the best of food that Antalya offers, here are our suggestions of popular places to eat in Antalya that have an esteemed reputation for excellence.


7 Mehmet: The Best of Turkish Cuisine

A restaurant doesn’t build up a long-standing esteemed reputation quickly, but for 7 Mehmet, trusted travel sources like Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet and DK Eye Witness Travel have recommended the restaurant, therefore lending weight to their popularity. Enjoyed by tourists, local Turks and expats living in Antalya, 7 Mehmet focuses on traditional Turkish food with excellence.

Owner Mehmet Akdag who was born and raised in Antalya started cooking when he was a child. His father had passed on, and faced with the daunting task of providing financially for his family, he did what came naturally to him. It turns out, he had found his calling in life and went on to own and operate a successful restaurant as well as train apprentice chefs.

Find his restaurant near Konyaalti beach and Ataturk Culture Park in Antalya city centre. Recommended dishes include the vast range of Turkish mezes (appetisers) and their lamb choices.

Seraser: Perfect for Couples

Seraser is another restaurant that has built an esteemed reputation on the uniqueness of their menu. They say their aim is not only to appease your hunger but also to expand your horizons and one look at the food on offer confirms their mission.


Appetisers to spark your interest include steak tartare with sour cream, quail egg, salmon caviar and crispy zucchini, or alternatively sample the Dalyan blue crab leg, with carrot, vinaigrette sauce, sautéed spinach and arugula mayonnaise. Sushi, pasta and meat dishes are the focus of their main courses while finishing an evening of fine dining means indulging in their range of tasty desserts including Dilly’s legendary chocolate truffle.

The courtyard setting with soft lightening perfectly adds to the ambience, and while prices are middle range, you won’t be disappointed with the food or service. (Find their restaurant in the old city part of Antalya known as Kaleici.)

Vanilla Lounge: Number One in Antalya

Open since 2007 and focusing on the fine dining concept, Vanilla Lounge says their philosophy is a satisfying dining experience using modern, innovative and classic cooking techniques. Using only the best quality local ingredients, menus focus on the four seasons.

Intriguing dishes such as the salad of panko crusted goat cheese, Thai chicken and coconut milk soup and 48 hour braised lamb shank obviously prove their enthusiasm, but one look at their impressive position on Trip Advisor as number 1 out of 966 restaurants in Antalya show that diners love their innovation. Also situated in the Kaleici old district of Antalya city centre, about a five-minute walk from Hadrian’s gate, you should make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

Club Arma and a Fantastic View

As a firm favourite of locals, Club Arma promotes themselves as an “exclusive place to eat, drink and enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the old City and the Mediterranean Sea.” To complete your culinary journey their menu includes fish and seafood as well as specialities of Mediterranean cuisine. With enough seating to accommodate 1500 people at the same time, the restaurant is also a favourite for events and parties. Rated on Trip Advisor as number 8 out of 966 restaurants in Antalya, Club Arma is situated in the Kaleiçi Yat Limanı district.


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