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BLOG About Autumn in Turkey and Where to Go

15 October 2022 / Travel

About Autumn in Turkey and Where to Go

When looking at the four yearly seasons, we enjoy autumn in Turkey more than summer. This time of year is when temperatures cool down. Gone are the hot sweltering days when your only option is to lie by the pool or visit beaches to cool down. Instead, the cooler temperatures enable us to hit the road and explore more attractions, towns, villages, cities, and places off the beaten track.

Do not underestimate Turkey during autumn. Across the country, the Autumn colours of red, orange, and yellow present vibrant landscapes. Additionally, travelling during this season includes fewer crowds and cheaper hotel and flight prices. There is also a relaxed atmosphere as everyone soaks in weather changes and slower vibes of life. Lasting from September to the beginning of December, here are our favourite places in Turkey to go when the autumn season arrives.

                                         Where to Go During Autumn in Turkey

1: The Bolu District of Turkey

Lake Abant during Autumn: Although relatively unheard of on the international travel scene, Lake Abant is a favourite destination of Turks. Sitting in Northwest Turkey, the freshwater lake is the epitome of spending time in nature. Many young couples visit for quiet strolls around the lake, while families enjoy the nearby picnic spots. With a wide variety of flora and fauna, anglers flock to catch the famous Lake Abant trout. There are nearby hotels if you want to stay overnight. Still, many people book accommodation in nearby Mudurnu town, so they can also explore other delightful landscapes of the Bolu district during autumn.

Yedigoller National Park: The name translates into seven lakes, and this national park, established in 1965, is another autumn hotspot for enjoying mother nature's vibrant colours and delights. The seven lakes formed by landslides sit close to Mengen town, which features many hotels and hostels. Expect a typical autumn postcard scene with small waterfalls, handcrafted wooden bridges and places to relax as you ponder life. For incredible landscape views, visit Kamankaya mountain peak and other tent tents in camping sites. For some therapeutic spa therapy, also see the hot springs.

bolu in turkey

Koroglu Mountains: Crossing the Bolu province, the highest peak of Koroglu mountains is 2499 metres, which makes this a skiing hotspot in winter. However, in autumn, it is a delightful place to go trekking. Scattered resorts offer accommodations like alpine cabins and landscapes stretching for miles, proving just how diverse and spectacular Turkey is. The mountain range also gave fame to urban legends of Koroglu, Turkey's version of Nottingham's Robin Hood.

2: Autumn in Cappadocia

Four days is enough to explore the highlights of Cappadocia during autumn. Sitting in Turkey's central Anatolian region, Cappadocia is one big open-air playground. Although night-times during autumn can be chilly, the alternative is to light a fire in an authentic cave hotel room. Places to stay include budget Goreme or luxury Uchisar, or authentic Ortahisar. Activities on your bucket list include an early morning hot air balloon trip, horse riding, exploring Ihlara Valley, and learning about Derinkuyu underground city's history.

Cappadocia in Turkey

3: Mount Uludag During Autumn

Mount Uludag is another of Turkey's top skiing spots in the Bursa province. Yet, you don't have to wait for the snow to fall to enjoy rolling plateaus. During autumn, cable cars head to the summit, where hotels or book accommodation in Bursa city centre, which is also home to many UNESCO World heritage sites. Activities at Mount Uludag during autumn include quad biking and trekking. A fun fact is that urban legends say Mount Uludag was where the gods watched the Trojan wars occur.

4: Delightful Dalyan

Ah, think rustic vibes, Lycian rock tombs, mud baths, reed-lined rivers, and a long, protected beach where loggerhead turtles lay eggs. The Dalyan delta is a great place to explore during autumn, and the region offers fantastic hiking trails. Climb up to explore the ancient city of Kaunos, which gives the best views of the delta and the reed-lined river. Radar hill also gives off incredible views of Iztuzu beach and stunning sunsets that Mediterranean Turkey is so well known for. Otherwise, visit Yuvarlakcay village for traditional fish restaurants among the autumn settings of small rivers and waterfalls.

Dalyan in Turkey

5: Places in Istanbul - Turkey

Belgrad Forest: Many people assume Istanbul to be a concrete jungle devoid of green spaces and fresh air. While some places are in question, many parks and green areas to visit during autumn in Istanbul are delightful. One of our favourite spots, Belgrad forest, attracts many house hunters to neighbouring areas because they want somewhere nice to enjoy the weekends. The forest is a beautiful place to walk, jog, bike, and enjoy an alternative day in Istanbul.

Places on the Bosphorus: Normally, during summer, the Bosphorus shores are jam-packed with tourists and locals looking to escape the busy city centre areas. However, the pace slows during autumn so you can explore many delightful Bosphorus villages. We especially enjoy Bebek and Arnavutkoy, sitting side by side, but there are also many lovely villages at the entrance of the Bosphorus towards Turkey's black sea areas. A great way to get around them all is via ferry.

6: Bozcaada Island of Turkey

Welcome to wine tasting in Turkey! This island sitting south of the Dardanelles strait only covers 15 square miles, yet yearly attracts roughly 1 million visitors thanks to tourism, wine, and fishing industries. During autumn days, choose a seafront setting to enjoy fresh fish and seafood dining, Aegean style. Rather than accompany it with the traditional Turkish alcoholic drink of raki, opt for the homemade wines grown around the island. During the day, hire a bike, visit small wineries to sample more local delights, or visit the castle, old mosque, or Saint Mary's church.

7: Northeast Firtina Vadesi

To get off the beaten track during autumn to explore Mother Nature in Turkey, visit Firtina Vadesi in the Rize region. This is the trekkers delight with a fast-flowing river surrounded by miles and miles of autumn landscapes. Stay in an authentic wooden hotel, enjoy fresh trout in riverside restaurants, and criss-cross the old Ottoman stone bridges to discover the autumn landscapes. Firtina Vadesi belongs to the larger Camlihemsin region, which is a delight to explore during autumn. The more adventurous people also visit Firtina Vadesi for white water rafting.

Canhemsin Turkey

8: Autumn in Uzungol Lake

Now, we are talking about the perfect autumn setting. Authentic hand-constructed wooden hotels surround a large lake, emphasising outdoor relaxation. Hire a bike and ride around the lake, or if driving, head further into the Kackar mountains to discover more plateau villages off the grid. One delight while in Uzungol is to enjoy an authentic black sea Turkish village breakfast with the famous regional speciality of muhlama.

9: Sahara Yaylasi

If ever there was a place in another world, like a lost utopia, it would be Sahara National Park in Artvin. Never in our whole lives have we felt so much peace in vast rolling plateaus stuck in time. Such is the beauty of this area; the Turkish government has made it a protected zone; hence building regulations are strict. Sahara is also a perfect introduction to what is known as Yayla tourism in Turkey. Previous generations used to retreat to Layla plateaus during the height of summer to escape temperatures. The plateaus are at a higher elevation and hence offer cooler temperatures. While this practice is dying out, Layla tourism has replaced it to connect with mother nature and the great outdoors.

Also, About Places in Turkey

8 Cities to Visit in Turkey: For avid travellers, over 500 cities to visit present an excellent insight into Turkey. From famous and popular to fascinating metropolises that redefine everything you know about Turkey, visit in autumn for a short break or on a quick day trip. But which are the top recommended cities to visit and why?

Most Visited Places in Turkey: Despite Istanbul's popularity, please don't think this is all there is to Turkey. While Istanbul delights everyone, other well-known places give great insight into Turkey's diversity. No one can stereotype the country since all four corners portray different cultures, landscapes, weather climates and traditions. So, we listed the top five places you should see on a visit to Turkey.

Winter Places in Turkey: The range of winter places in Turkey is vastly less than Autumn destinations. However, do not underestimate the beauty of winter destinations from east to west. Advantages to visiting during this time include lesser crowds, lower prices on flights and accommodations, and in some cases, a beautiful blanket of snow presenting a scene worthy of Xmas greeting cards. So, when autumn in Turkey draws to a close, here are the winter destinations.

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