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BLOG How to Choose a Real Estate Agent in Turkey

10 January 2024 / Properties

How To Find the Right Estate Agent in Turkey?

It might seem complicated for potential buyers to know how to choose a real estate agent in Turkey. After all, there seems to be a property agency on every corner. In some places, a construction company is always building houses or apartments! Indeed, the real estate market is a bustling hive of activity, and in some places like Istanbul, it never stops.

The real estate activity ranges from international investors to holiday home buyers and foreign expats. Of course, the domestic Turkish sector is another big player. Then there are several property types, from apartments to villas, duplexes and penthouses, and the complex laws regarding real estate purchases. So, it is understandable why foreign nationals want to use a real estate agency. The question is how to pick one that will efficiently fulfil your needs and help you become a homeowner in Turkey.

How to Choose a Real Estate Agency in Turkey

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1: Legalities

Let's get straight to the point. Before you start asking about their services or questioning them about how they can help you with the home-buying process, you need to find out if they are a legal company. Thankfully, laws have been passed in Turkey to protect home buyers, and it is not easy for illegal real estate agents to do business. Your chosen agent should have the following documentation.

  • Tasinmaz Ticaret Yetki Belgesi - Permission from the Ministry of Trade to sell real estate.
  • Mesleki yeterlilik Belgesi - Qualifications proving real estate market knowledge and laws.
  • A license issued by the local council to operate as a property company
  • Oda Sicil Kayit Sureti - Membership of the chamber of commerce
  • Vergi Levhasi -Tax registration certificate/

2: Online Presence

Back in the day, real estate agents had to open an office and wait for potential buyers to drop by. These days, the experience of buying houses has changed, and the internet rules how and when we do things. Given the process, any suitable property company will have an online presence. Potential customers should check for this, including a website and social media pages like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Some agents have also established themselves on review sites like Google Business or Trust Pilot, and they ask previously satisfied customers to leave reviews for future buyers.

3: Physical Presence

Potential foreign buyers should also visit the office, even if you appoint someone with a Power of Attorney to act on your behalf. Usually, on property viewings, an agent will meet you at the office first, and they can then find out your needs and budget. They should display their permits in the office, and this is also a great chance to meet all the local staff.

4: Local Knowledge and Experience

You might have already decided where to buy, but any good real estate company should have local knowledge. Whether this is schools, transport links, supermarkets, planned construction developments, private or infrastructure by the local council. Ideally, viewing appointments shouldn't just be about the house but also about the local neighbourhood to point out local amenities and facilities. Additionally, check for actual experience. No one wants to be the first customer for an agent with no combination of expertise.

5: Communication Styles and Response Times

Naturally, any foreign buyer will want an estate agent who speaks their native language or a common language like English. Don't rely on Google Translate. It still makes mistakes, and misunderstandings are easily done. Does the real estate agent readily provide step-by-step information about the buying process, including their sale services, contracts, and closing costs, or do you have to chase them up? Do they promptly respond to your emails and/or telephone calls, or are you waiting for replies? If they can't handle the communication aspect of a sale, they might be bad at the actual process.

6: Diversity of Their Portfolio

The diversity of their portfolio indicates someone with connections in real estate and construction industries. From brand-new construction projects and commercial properties to villas, apartments, land and duplexes, the portfolio should provide potential buyers with more than ample choices of properties you wish to view. Whether you want a resale home, an off-plan property, or to put the key in the door of a brand-new home, look to another estate agent in that Turkish market if you can't find what you want. In most areas, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

7: Services and Costs

Likewise, any good agent will be upfront about what services they don't provide and the real estate agent fee for helping you carry out a property transaction in Turkey. Usually, with off-plan homes, they will help with aspects like snagging lists. Some agencies also provide after-sales service, in that they will be a point of contact should you need pool cleaning companies or a handyperson number. Their sales contract should be clear and straight to the point.

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See Our Portfolio of Property for Sale

To see a wide range of villas and apartments for sale in Turkey, our property portfolio covers all areas from Istanbul to Antalya on the Mediterranean coast, Bodrum and more. As well as helping you find your dream home, the portfolio displays market conditions, our agency with offices throughout Turkey, and inspiration for first-time home buyers in Turkey.  Boasting diverse landscapes and blended cultures, the country offers many opportunities for prospective property buyers. If you are still unsure where you want to buy property in Turkey, the following are popular areas.

Bustling Istanbul: Istanbul promotes cultural richness and economic dynamism between Europe and Asia. The property market in Istanbul is multifaceted, with districts like Beyoglu and Besiktas offering blended historical charm and modern amenities. Investors can explore opportunities in residential apartments, historic houses, and commercial spaces, with the added allure of being in a city that spans two continents.

Stylish Antalya: Antalya is a prime destination for those seeking the allure of turquoise waters and Mediterranean lifestyles. The coastal city is a tourist hotspot and a thriving real estate market. With several property options, from beachfront villas to modern apartments, Antalya offers an ideal setting for investment and dreamy lifestyles. The city's booming tourism industry adds to its appeal.

Cosmopolitan Bodrum: Known for its upscale lifestyle and breathtaking landscapes, Bodrum has emerged as a haven for luxury homes. The city's proximity to the Aegean Sea and its vibrant nightlife and cultural scene makes it an attractive destination for high-end property buyers. From hillside villas with panoramic views to exclusive seaside estates, Bodrum caters to those who seek the epitome of luxury living.

Beautiful Fethiye: Fethiye, along the stunning Turkish Riviera, offers natural beauty and seaside serenity. The region's housing market provides several options, from charming beachfront cottages to modern developments. With proximity to historical sites, mild climate, and outdoor activities, Fethiye caters to holiday home seekers and those looking for tranquil residential environments.

Majestic Bursa: As Turkey's fourth-largest city, Bursa has emerged as a significant economic hub with a growing housing market. Investors looking for opportunities beyond the coastal areas can explore Bursa's industrial and residential sectors. With its proximity to Istanbul, well-developed infrastructure, and various property options, Bursa presents promising landscapes for urban living and investment potential.


Turkey's housing market is as diverse as its landscapes, offering something for every investor. From the bustling metropolis of Istanbul to the serene coastal towns of Antalya and Bodrum, each region presents unique opportunities and lifestyles. Whether you're drawn to historical charm, seaside luxury, or unconventional cave dwellings, Turkey's property market invites exploration and promises rewarding investment potential. As always though, research and local expertise are crucial to making informed decisions in this vibrant country.

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We are Turkey Homes, and if you want to buy property in Turkey, we would love to introduce ourselves. Having conducted thousands of real estate transactions over 20 years, our collective team will gladly present our portfolio, services, local knowledge and experience so you can confidently make a purchase. Whether you want a real estate investment, to buy a holiday home, or to live in Turkey all year round, contact us here, and we will promptly respond.

More About Property in Turkey

We hope we have given lots of helpful information on how to choose a real estate agent in Turkey. Whether you're a seasoned investor, prospective homeowner, or simply curious about the Turkish real estate market, our blog also provides more valuable insights, expert tips, and a deep dive into this enchanting country's diverse and dynamic property landscape. Explore the rest of our blog for opportunities and hidden gems that await you in Turkish real estate. Your next investment or dream home is a click away!

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