Why Living in Fethiye is an Expat’s Dream

Why Living in Fethiye is an Expat’s Dream
4 Reasons Why Expats Like Living in Fethiye
Written on: 13 July 2018

Speak to expats living in Fethiye about their lifestyles, and you could end up wondering if they’ve discovered some kind of divine utopia that the rest of the world knows nothing about.

Sitting on the southern coast of Turkey, Fethiye captivates you like that, and it really is hard to find anyone who despises the area, foreign or Turk. From the get-go, it entices you with enormous amounts of pleasure and for western expats, immense advantages compared to living in their home countries.

Garnering a reputation as one of the most beautiful places in Turkey, everyone falls in love with the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea, backing green Taurus mountain range and stunning landmarks like Butterfly Valley and the Blue Lagoon.

Yet, expats move there for other reasons. Whether they choose to live in the seaside resorts of Calis Beach, Hisaronu, Ovacik and the main town centre, or in the mountainous village of Uzumlu, there are common themes among all as to why they stay.

4 Reasons Why Expats Like Living in Fethiye

1: It is Easy to Settle In

One of our biggest fears when making significant lifestyle changes like moving to a new country is adapting. Finding new social circles of friends, interests to keep you occupied or merely navigating day-to-day routines is a daunting task when you are unfamiliar with the region. Yet, Fethiye helps newbie expats to settle in comfortably.

Locals and the expat community speak a variety of foreign languages, especially British, while the lively social scene and leisure daytime groups make finding like-minded people with common interests and beliefs easy.

As for navigating mundane, but necessary tasks, newcomers can tap into an already set up expat network to access a wealth of local information and useful advice about living in Turkey. In next to no time, expats soon adopt a routine that suits them and home sickness doesn’t become a problem.

2: Property in Fethiye Is Remarkably Cheap

Fethiye satisfies luxury property buyers with unique architecture and ultra modern homes, especially on Sovalye Island, which real estate values easily reach into six figures. However, most of the market caters to budget and middle range buyers, with apartments starting in price from £40,000.

Despite nearly doubling over the past five years to an average of 2,500 TL per meter, apartments and villas for sale in Fethiye still provide excellent value for money and now, with the current lucrative exchange rate between the pound to the Turkish lira, buyers really are getting a bargain. First-time buyers to the Turkish real estate market mostly buy apartments, which in Fethiye start at £40,000, a fraction of the price of property in Spain or Portugal.

3: Low Cost of Living

The excellent value for money theme carries onto daily life allowing affluent expats to step up their lifestyle choices and demands. Grocery shopping is 50% cheaper than the UK, and property owners also save on household bills because they don’t need a TV licence, while electricity, gas and water charges are cheap.

The council tax is a significant burden of living in the UK, but in Turkey, it is priced on the property per square meterage and number of people on the title deeds. At the current exchange rate, most property owners pay less than £80 a year.

A non-smoking, non-drinking couple who owns their own property, and use public transport to get around can have an extremely comfortable lifestyle for 2500 TL a month. Many expats also deposit money into high interest savings accounts. With an average of 10% every month, and the choice to withdraw every 30 days, they live without touching their capital.

4: Did We Mention the Lifestyle?

So Fethiye boasts of gorgeous landscapes, a low cost of living, excellent property prices and is easy to settle into, but without a doubt, the typical Mediterranean lifestyle entices most people back to the area. An esteemed reputation on both the travel and expat scenes could be credited towards many other factors, but the outdoor and relaxed lifestyle really sums up what Fethiye is all about.

Non-working expats readily adopt Turkish culture and stop clock watching to instead, live in the moment. Whether they frolic by the pool or beachside or throw themselves into charity and social events, hustle and bustle are non-existent.

Expats are reluctant to give up alfresco dining, late mornings, and a healthy diet that makes them feel ten years younger, hence they’ve been there for many years and will most likely continue to be, for many more to come. For them, their Turkish property is more than just a house or real estate investment, it is now a place they call home.

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