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BLOG Why Yacht Building Companies In Turkey Are Making The World Take Notice

15 October 2021 / Lifestyle

Leading Yacht Building Companies In Turkey

When many business sectors around the world suffered thanks to the COVID crisis, one industry in Turkey grew in strength. Indeed, yacht building in Turkey has been growing steadily over the last decade, and this week, news reports revealed that the country is the world’s third-largest builder of super performing, stylish, modern, and cool performing yachts. Although this may surprise some, anyone who knows Turkey well would have seen it coming. Sailing and yachting in Turkey is nothing new. This is not the latest trend designed to capitalise on the money-making business. It is engrained in their blood.

Four seas surround Turkey; the Marmara, Black, Aegean, and Mediterranean, so naturally, sailing and yachting are in the heart of Turkish culture and traditions. Every summer, the Turkish riviera of the Mediterranean and the Aegean comes alive as yachts and traditional gulet boats take to the water. Additionally, in places like Yalikavak, the odd mega yacht usually docks into town. But which yacht building companies put Turkey on the map for global excellence?

Leading Yacht Building Companies In Turkey

Turquoise: Established in 1997, Turquoise yacht construction burst onto the scene with the construction of their first yacht Double Trouble, which was the country’s first superyacht to be produced. Since then, they have built 20 more mega yachts ranging in size from 40 to 77 meters, for clients around the world.

Akyacht: This company that is surprisingly only four years old, says they create a yacht building experience in a boutique environment. Their focus is to create exceptional quality yachts with uncompromised value but also to build the biggest yacht in Turkey, a goal with constantly changing goalposts.

Alia: Based in Antalya, Turkey, Alia’s vision is to make each new build yacht a bespoke journey, pushing the boundaries of artisanship, technology and refinement to bring the ideal yacht to life. Calling the construction of a superyacht, a form of experimental art, they are also extremely proud of the excellence of their workforce.

Vicem: in the 1980s, a Turkish businessperson desperately wanted to replicate the traditional Turkish gulet boat, but with a modern twist. Hence Vicem yachts was born. In the years to follow, they utilised traditional boat building methods but with a contemporary twist. Key values of their yacht construction business are customisation, timeless design, and excellence in artisanship.

Prominent Yachts Built In Turkey

Dream: This smooth sailing machine stems for a record 106 metres, ensuring the yacht is seen wherever it goes. Built in 1997, by the Halic Tersaneleri team, the yacht has exquisite interior and exterior design, while being able to accommodate 36 guests on board along with 40 crew members. Powered by two engines that give her a cruising speed of 17 knots, Dream is the 57th largest yacht in the world, and was resold in 2005.

Bilgen 263: This 80-meter yacht launched in 2020 by Bilgen Yachts of Turkey was the largest Turkish yacht built to date. The yacht also offers something unique because the exhaust system provides clean air emissions therefore making this sailing vessel environmentally friendly. For the construction and interior, the combined marble, macassar ebony and eucalyptus make this a timeless beauty emphasising more luxury. Built to buyer specifications that the yacht layout stands out so people remember her, one look will tell you that has instantly been achieved.

Maltese Falcon: in the 1980s, an Italian ship builder was looking to expand his company, and he chose Turkey as the ideal place, because of skilled workmanship. Perini Istanbul Gemicilik A.S was born, and nearly 20 years later, they built the 88 metre Maltese Falcon. Winning more than 18 awards since her launch, these days, you can rent her out to sail around the Mediterranean at the cost of 460,000 euros a week plus expenses.

All About U2: Built in 2019, All About U2 has just currently gone back on the market for a staggering 14 million euros. Stretching for nearly 50 metres and accommodating 14 guests, the yacht was designed by Ada Yacht works in Bodrum. As well as huge deck spaces for entertaining, the yacht includes six double bedrooms, a nightclub sound system, and water toys for those moments when the adrenaline strikes.

Super Yachts vs Gulet Boats

Although the super yacht scene dominates the sailing scene, Turkey is also known for the timeless gulet boat design. Turks used these boats for decades as fishing vessels before slightly altering them to include overnight accommodation making them suitable for leisure sailing. Turks have always constructed gulet boats from wood, hence they range between 20 to 30 metres. This makes them ideal for coastline sailing because they get into the small bays and areas that superyachts can’t. Gulet boats have a lower hub than yachts, and don’t just rely on the motor, but use sails as well. While Antalya focuses on superyachts, gulet construction mainly happens in Bodrum or Marmaris.

Sailing the Turkish Riviera

Naturally, given the excellence of both the gulet and superyacht construction industries, the Turkish riviera now enjoys a worldwide reputation. Stretching from the northern Aegean to the eastern Mediterranean, the Riviera includes many prominent towns, places of natural beauty and historical landmarks. Many people book three-to-four-night trips to sail from one place to the other on set sailing routes known as Blue Cruises. Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum and Antalya are all sailing hotspots, whether you want to rent a yacht or book a cabin on a gulet.

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