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NEWS Duke of Edinburgh Prince Edward visits historic Kabataş High School in Istanbul

2 Oct 2023

Kabataş High School for Boys had the honour of hosting a distinguished guest from the United Kingdom's Royal Family. Duke of Edinburgh Prince Edward paid a visit to the historical school. The school's principal, Muharrem Bayrak, presented Prince Edward with a gift that included photographs of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, from 2008 and her signature in a memory book.

'The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award,' a youth education program that has seen participation from over 13 million students in more than 130 countries worldwide, is implemented in Turkey under the name 'International Youth Award Program' within the Turkey Human Resources Education and Health Foundation (TİKAV). Prince Edward, as part of this educational program established by his father, Prince Philip, visited Kabataş High School to observe students' work.

Duke of Edinburgh Prince Edward arrived at Kabataş High School in the morning under stringent security measures. During his approximately two-hour visit, he observed the projects set up by students under the International Youth Award Program. He engaged in individual conversations with the students involved in the project while examining the handicrafts stand. The school's music group also performed songs like “Fly Me to The Moon” and “Memleketim”. Later, he played table tennis with a student and learned about the school's robotics team's projects. In the school's garden overlooking the Bosphorus, Prince Edward engaged in one-on-one conversations with visitors. After a speech by Kabataş High School's Principal Muharrem Bayrak, Prince Edward was invited to the stage, where he was presented with a gift containing photographs from his mother, Queen Elizabeth II's visit in 2008 and her signature in a memory book. Before departing, Prince Edward signed the back page of the memory book his mother had previously signed and took a group photo with students and teachers on the school's staircase.


"We are honoured and delighted to host a part of this visit at Kabataş High School," said Muharrem Bayrak, Principal of Kabataş High School, in his speech. "Having him with us during the 20th-year celebration of the International Award Program in Turkey demonstrates how valuable and significant this mission is. Through the Award Program, which supports and disciplines young people to engage in extracurricular activities, more than 20,000 young individuals in Turkey have been prepared for life. We continue to support and encourage our award participants at Kabataş High School, with their numbers increasing daily."

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