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Tolga Ertukel

Tolga Ertukel Founder/Director

Tolga is the founder and director of Turkey Homes. Tolga has been involved in Turkish Real Estate markets now nearly 20 years. With his vast experience in the markets and local knowledge, Tolga spends his time between London offices, Italy where his wife's Fabiana's family is based and of course Turkey. Tolga enjoys the beautiful city of Istanbul and stunning Turkish coast line from Bodrum,Fethiye to Antalya in which he feels is the sailor's paradise.

Sam Glynn

Sam Glynn Turkey Homes Fethiye Offices Manager

Sam is our lovely Fethiye office manager and experienced property consultant. Sam has been living in Fethiye for over 10 years now. As a Fethiye local and coming from a long decade of travel and tourism background, Sam is your perfect tour guide and Fethiye property expert. Sam is from the United Kingdom originally and loves the Fethiye and its stunning landscape like most fellow Brits and travellers all around the world. For all your Fethiye property needs, Sam will be delighted to assist you with any questions you may have and help you find your ideal holiday home in Fethiye.

Fabiana Canale

Fabiana Canale Social Media Manager

Fabiana is originally from Italy, as well as being a full time wife to Tolga she has been masterminding our social media existence with her great posts. Although Fabiana's love of Turkey started with Tolga, she also enjoys the beautiful city of Istanbul every time she visits and the stunning Turkish coastal resorts.

Gonenc Unaldi

Gonenc Unaldi Istanbul Offices Manager

Gonenc has been with us since 2017, looking after our Istanbul sales office. A local man born and raised in Istanbul, boasting excellent written and spoken English skills. With his great knowledge of the Istanbul property market, our portfolio continues to grow and Gonenc is always on the mark with all the latest Istanbul real estate prices.

Mehmet Demirtas

Mehmet Demirtas Antalya Region Turkey Homes Offices Partner

Mehmet and Marina look after our very successful Belek regional offices. Mehmet is a local man, born and bred in Belek and his lovely wife Marina is originally from Russia. Mehmet and Marina cover the entire Belek area with their extensive property portfolio. In terms of our services in Belek, Mehmet and Marina also provide a property management service for our portfolio and a very productive rental management service too. Mehmet has a lovely warm and friendly nature and has an extensive knowledge of the Belek real estate market and the local golf courses, with the ability to arrange your golf memberships and advise you on the best courses to suit your golfing handicap.

Mohammad Abuariesh

Mohammad Abuariesh Senior Sales Consultant

Mohammad has been with us since 2017 in our Istanbul offices, from Jordan originally, a true professional with excellent communication skills. Mohammad is our most senior property advisor in our Istanbul offices. Our clients love his soft approach and great knowledge of the Istanbul property markets. For all your questions about Istanbul real estate, Mohammad will be pleased to guide you further.

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