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Marmaris Area Guide

Formerly called Physkos, Mimaras and Mermeris in history, the Marmaris area we see today is a modern, and bustling holiday resort of Turkey. Over time, as the country’s tourism industry and popularity grew, even more, foreigners and Turks bought real estate in Marmaris, making it a multicultural hub with leisurely pleasures high on the social agenda.

During Ottoman reign, Suleiman the Magnificent launched his attack on nearby Rhodes from Marmaris, and in the 20th century, Italians ruled it for a brief time following World War One. Other than that, history was quiet and uneventful until mainstream package tourism came to Turkey. Previously keeping a low-key reputation as a small fishing and sponge diving centre, these days, it is a pulsating and thriving tourism and real estate hub.

Central Marmaris Area Guide

Harbour and Marina District: As the historical centre, the harbour houses the region’s most famous landmark that is the old castle. Old houses lining both sides of cobbled streets stemming away from it, have lost their residential purpose and instead restaurants, bars or shops ply their trade from there.

There is nothing better than alfresco style dining, on the harbour stretch, followed by a party night on bar street. However, if loud music and dance podiums are not your idea of fun, the nearby old bazaar is a nostalgic place to wander, shop for souvenirs and try traditional nargile pipes. In a pleasant blend of old and new, the nearby 720-yacht capacity Netsel Marina epitomises the best of an upmarket lifestyle.

Armutalan and Beldibi: Coming away from the heart and soul of the region, the Armutalan and Beldibi neighbourhoods are where most properties for sale in Marmaris are situated. Armutalan, sitting west of the old town, is a hugely populated and residential area and home to many hotels, restaurants, and sit-down family friendly bars.

Regular dolmus services run from Armutalan to the seafront. Beldibi, backing the old town centre and to the right of Armutalan, sits on the edge of the protected national park. Roughly 6,000 people live in this district, although, it is growing all the time.

Facilities and Amenities: Anyone looking to buy property in Marmaris has immense comfort and ease of living because everything is on their doorstep. A local transport network including buses and taxis makes getting about easy and cheap while the large bus station connects locals with the rest of Turkey.

A vast variety of bars and restaurants means nightlife is as low key or hectic as you like. Naturally, given the broad population, large supermarkets make a roaring trade, but most people prefer the weekly market in Marmaris on a Thursday, Icmeler on Wednesdays, or on Sundays in the Beldibi district.

Tourist Attractions and Things to Do

Nobody is short of things to do especially during summer when the weather is hot, evenings are cool and getting in the great outdoors is top of the agenda. During summer, wander harbourside and jump onboard a lazy day cruise visiting scenic hotspots like Cleopatra Island, and Ciftlik. A daily summer catamaran service also heads across to Rhodes, for Greek inspiration, while another favourite way of exploring is by jeep, horse and quad safari.

Closer to home, Marmaris’s gorgeous long and sandy beach, backed by bars, and restaurants boost its reputation as an ideal beach holiday destination. Also, de-stress in a traditional Turkish hammam, explore under life underwater by signing up for scuba diving lessons, or travel further afield to Pamukkale cotton castle or the Dalyan Mud baths.

Other Areas of the Marmaris Region


Neighbouring Icmeler, a more relaxed holiday resort sits further west along the coastline. Well known for its beautiful beach and water sports, families adore the small residential district. Plenty of bars, restaurant and hotels line the wide and immaculate streets while a regular bus service connects locals and holidaymakers with larger Marmaris.

Heading past Icmeler, the road climbs until, a fantastic view comes into sight. This is where you’ll dip into the small, and quaint coastal resort of Turunc, lined by pine and citrus trees leading to the crystal blue sea. It’s quiet, but it's off the beaten track location makes it a well-kept secret worth visiting for the clear waters, and surreal atmosphere.

Heading from Turunc, notable stops include Kumlubuk, Orhaniye and Selimiye. Kumlubuk earns its claim to fame from seaside fish restaurants serving top-notch fish and seafood dishes, while Orhaniye boasts about the beautiful Kizkumu beach, that looks like people are walking on water. Trekkers adore Selimiye because ancient remains scattered throughout the hillside make for exciting exploration, but it’s scenic landscape also portray the best of Turkey’s coastline.

Bozburun, the next stop enjoys countrywide fame, because of the excellent, handcrafted boat construction skills of locals. Although in recent years, holidaymakers who want complete quiet, rest and relaxation flock to the area. Bozburun is 45 kilometres from Marmaris centre. Also, in this area are Turgut and Bayirkoy, two small villages mostly visited by passengers on jeep safari tours.

Apartments and Villas For Sale in Marmaris

We hope this Marmaris area guide gives you a good insight into the region, and if you plan on investing in the real estate market or have further questions, contact us via email or telephone to speak to a local sale representative, and arrange a viewing trip. Our portfolio of property for sale in Marmaris also showcases why foreigners and Turkish buyers alike adore the area.


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