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As the cooler temperatures set in around the country, winter drinks take precedent on the streets of Turkey’s cities and towns. These warming refreshments with fill you with an appetising treat, Turkish style, which should definitely be enjoyed on a cold winter’s day!

A new trend is appearing, not only in Turkey but all over the world, as people crave a decent plateful of homemade cooking! . In Turkey, if they are not cooking at home, they are searching the streets for the best homemade meal in town.

Street food is a ready to eat food sold by a vendor in a public place, mostly with a portable kitchen of some kind. Istanbul is no different and has a multitude of delicious street snacks to keep you going throughout the day and the roots of street food don’t stray too far from this fabulous city.

Producing close to 100,000 tons a year, Turkey is the second most successful producer of honey in the world. Turkish honey is said to be home to the best quality and most delicious that can be found across the globe.

It is no secret that the Turks love to eat. Presentation is everything at a Turkish breakfast, meant to whet your appetite and leave you wanting to come back for more. ‘Kahvaltı’ really is the world’s breakfast of champions.

With more than 1,750,000 tonnes grown every year, Turkey is the fourth biggest producer in the world of olives, a staple ingredient in most kitchens. Towards the end of the summer touristic season in Turkey, thousands of families and factories gear up themselves up for the olive picking harvest.

Turkey Goes Nutty

20 Sep 2016 posted in Food

The Turks are crazy about their nuts. Not only are a huge variety of nuts grown across Turkey but you can find that sweet, woody taste in many of the popular Turkish dishes on tables in restaurants and homes all over the country.

Most people think of tea as the national non-alcoholic drink of Turkey, yet the simple but delicious drink of Ayran is a worthy contender for the crown.

Turkish cuisine without a soup? It definitely is a No No.. Soups are the most popular national dishes of the country. Now let's give them a try..

8 Turkish Sweets and Desserts to Tempt Your Tastebuds. From the incredibly sweet to the pleasant subtle tastes, we’ve come up with eight Turkish sweets and desserts that you should try while in Turkey.

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