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Build Your Custom Home in Fethiye with Turkey Homes

The beautiful Fethiye region is ideal for designing and building your own custom home in Turkey. Sitting on Turkey’s southern coast, the area features beautiful landscape views, including the[...]

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Turkish Garden Ideas For Your Apartment Or Villa

Just the suggestion of Turkish garden ideas raises eyebrows for some people. Foreigners have never associated Turkey with extensive, lush gardens of spreading green grass landscapes. Indeed, unless[...]

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Why Uzumlu In Fethiye Attracts Foreign Property Buyers

Uzumlu in Fethiye is not one of the Turkish property market’s hotspot destinations, yet over the last year has seen increased buyers of many different nationalities. Sitting a 30-minute drive[...]

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Skywalk Fethiye and the Transformation of the Region

Everyone is buzzing about Skywalk Fethiye, a new cable car project awaiting official opening by Turkey’s president. Fethiye is already a famous touristic district and home to many expats who[...]

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Why the Fethiye Region is Emerging as a Power Player

These days, when it comes to Turkey's housing market, the focus is on Fethiye. Having already been a favoured destination for tourists and house buyers for many decades, recent local efforts by[...]

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Where to Live in Fethiye – Expat Guide to Places

So, if you want to experience the Turkish Mediterranean dream and wonder where to live in Fethiye, you have come to the right place. Sitting on the Turquoise coast, the picturesque Fethiye region[...]

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Why Beautiful Fethiye is the Perfect Choice for Your Turkish Home

Ask any expat why they chose to buy property in Fethiye, and chances are they’ll tell you they visited on holiday and fell in love with the area. It’s no surprise. With majestic mountains[...]

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Fethiye in Turkey: Your Complete Region Guide

When learning about Fethiye in Turkey, expect the best of the Mediterranean coast. From sandy beaches to Gemiler Island and historical sites, Fethiye delights everyone during the summer but also[...]

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Turkey Homes Sponsors Fethiye’s Race for Life In 2019

Turkey Homes is proud to be one of the sponsors of this year’s Race for Life taking place in Fethiye on the 27th of October 2019. Departing from the town square in front of the culture centre[...]

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Gocek: A magnet for sailors and luxury property investors

Nestled into a beautiful turquoise bay right in the heart of the Turkish Riviera is the pretty town of Gocek. Just a 20 minutes drive from Dalaman International Airport and 25 minutes from the[...]

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